About Game:
RD's Adventure Mini Golf Park! is a mini golf game and so much more! Based upon my game I made for my son (RD's Adventure Mini Golf Chip & Putt Edition) Comes this all new re-imagined VR game for the Oculus Quest, Which features full 18 holes courses set in cool and family friendly themed environments. Explore the Concession's and hang out with your friends, or check out the Arcade and play some mini-games to pass the time! Of go head to head in a round or two of mini golf! The choice is yours! Play how you want to play!

  • Themed Worlds (Whispering Woods, Toy Land, Nile Mysteries, Space Quest)

  • Each world consisting of a unique 18 hole course to match it's theme.

  • Play Front 9, Back 9 or the Full 18 in and order (Play how you want to play it)

  • Distraction Objects (Spawn Objects, which can be placed in the scene / hole to hinder players OR to create awesome trick shots!)

  • Concessions (A place to hang out with your friends before, during or after your match. Under Construction.)

  • Arcade (Go head to head with your friends in a bunch of mini games! Under Construction.)

  • Additional Courses & Content to be included in future updates.

* Subject to change

Help out a solo dev & reap the rewards!

I am taking early adopter pre-orders for the game presently at an extreme discount in order to help raise funds to purchase the required hardware and server space for the online multiplayer.

Pre-orders not only get it in your hands for a super low price, you also can gain access to the development forums, where you can request features, chat about the game, get exclusive first look at the game and it's progress. Not only that depending on your support pledge, you can also unlock beta access (when available) or even get your very own avatar in the final release of the game!

Please take a look below to see what goodies I have in store for you and your early pre-order!

Option #1 - $5 USD or more (Limited time ONLY!)

Pre-Order 1 x RD's Adventure Mini Golf Park. (Time Almost up! on this deal)

Option #2 - $10 USD or more

Pre-Order 1 x RD's Adventure Mini Golf Park.

Option #3 - $25 USD or more

Pre-Order, Invite to the development forums & Beta access when available!

Option #4 - 100 USD or more

Pre-Order, Invite to the development forums & Beta access when available! + Personalized In Game Avatar! (Limit Quantity = 3)