Take on the role of Maria, a young Filipino woman who becomes embroiled in the supernatural world of Philippine mythology. As she investigates strange occurrences in her small village, she uncovers a dark force at work, threatening to overtake the community.

As Maria delves deeper into the mystery, she must confront a variety of terrifying creatures and spirits drawn from Philippine folklore, including the Manananggal, a monster that can detach its upper body from its lower half, and the Aswang, a shape-shifting creature that preys on pregnant women and their unborn children.

With the help of a wise old man, Maria learns the truth about her own family's connection to the supernatural world and must harness her own spiritual powers to defeat the evil threatening her home. As she battles to save her village, she discovers the true strength of her heritage and the power of her cultural identity.


- Told through the eyes of a strong Filipino woman on a Quest to save her people and her village.

- A gripping and dark venture into the world of Filipino Mythos.

- Come face to face with horrors unlike you have ever witnessed before in VR.

- Full English spoken dialogue (Including some Tagalog) Spoken by Filipino voice actors.

- A deep dive into the mythos, while remaining true to the Filipino tales & stories.

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